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Be prepared!

Be sure to know

  • Company, name, address and telephone number.
  • Name and position of the person you are meeting.
  • Directions of how to get there. If traveling by car make sure enough time is allocated in case of traffic difficulties.
  • Likely length and structure of the interview.
  • Job description and any tests you may have to perform. Be certain about the type of job, responsibilities and objectives you are looking to secure.
  • To create a good impression, try to learn as much as possible about the job and company before the date. Apart from visiting the company’s website; Reuters and Bloomberg should have current data available. Alternatively the business pages of the national press are always excellent research tools. Your goal is to use the knowledge you have gained about the organization to further demonstrate a ‘match’ between your background and the ‘needs’ of the employer.


The interview itself

Step 1
Be sure to leave yourself plenty of time. Lateness does not create a very good first impression and gets the interview off to a bad start. On the other hand…don’t be too early, 10 - 15 minutes is about right.

If you are on a tight timescale, make sure your recruiter knows the amount of time you have available and he/ she will inform the client prior to the meeting.

Step 2
If you are kept waiting, try to remain positive! There will usually be a valid reason for a delay and any comments made in reception will filter back to your interviewer.

Step 3
You are now fully prepared so try to relax and most of all enjoy it! Clients are keen to hire people that are easy to manage, positive and enthusiastic.



  • Prepare questions to ask your interviewer (s), write them down on paper and take with you. Your research will help you do this. This will show initiative and a genuine interest in the company.
  • Research your interviewers' profile(s) on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com) or Xing (www.xing.com), for example.  They are superb ways to see the professional profile of your interviewer or interviewers.  This could help in building rapport by understanding what your future peers are doing day-to-day in their current roles but also their work history, interests and so on.
  • Be positive and flexible throughout the interview.
  • If after the interview you are keen on what you have heard, let the client know. Ask them if they any concerns at this stage. If they do have a concern you will then be in a position to overcome any doubts or objections immediately.



  • Discuss salary. We wouldn’t advise you to talk about salary / rate at this stage, unless it is brought up by the client.
  • Never be negative about a previous employer.


Dress code

Most companies will expect you to wear a formal suit at interview - your consultant will normally advise you if this is not the case.


  • Take a copy of your CV to the interview with you.
  • References - ask your recruiter prior to interview if they are required at this stage.
  • Identification, Passport or visa details – should they be required.
  • Examples of your work – this includes anything that may be of interest to your interviewer and relevant to the specific role that you are interviewing for.
  • Switch off your mobile phone during the interview.


For more information feel free to contact us at any time at 0031(0)205207474 or email us at office@blackbox-europe.com

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